A MUST READ: Greatest Advice About Life You Could Ever Hear

Because you’re supposed to go out there and kick some ass to survive that’s why. In short, life is not a comfortable place. Neither is it a joy ride.

You must keep moving. Otherwise, you become prey to other people.

First off, although life is unfair, you cannot approach life as unfair and win. You must always approach it as a fair game. This is just the way it is.

First, you must get rid of the word ‘luck’ from your vocabulary. In life, the word ‘luck’ is an obscenity only reserved for losers. And by using luck you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Nothing in life happens by default. Neither is there an accident in life. Neither is there anything that happens by chance. Everything is orchestrated, either in your favor or against you.

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That’s why you must take no chances. Neither should you gamble with life.

Gamblers are losers. People who gamble with life only do it to their hurt. Gambling is not the same as risk. Risk can be contemplated and planned. Gambling cannot.

Neither is success an accident or an incident. Like everything else, success must be contemplated and planned.

And that’s just the introduction of life. That’s just the basics.

Of course, you must advance. Get an education. Grow up. Learn some more…

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If you don’t take advantage of opportunities, you will be overtaken by events. Some opportunities never repeat themselves.

That’s why it’s important to prepare for them in advance before they come. All opportunities require preparation and education. In other words, depending on your sphere of life, you must always be prepared for the better or for worse. You must prepare for both.

There are two types of education.

  • Academic education
  • Life education

Academic education is what you learn through the school system.

Life education is what you’re taught by life. It can also be taught by other people but not by the school system since most of it is learned by experience. It can also be self-taught.

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The lack of any type of education is unfortunate. In fact, ignorance is more tragic than death.

Life is unmerciful, therefore you must develop discipline. You must also develop the capacity and become very resourceful.

Optimism wins. Pessimism loses.

Life is designed such that if you don’t learn something new every day, you become extinct gradually.

The ability to build resourcefulness, discipline and capacity prepares you psychologically to face the harsh realities of life while at the same time, it puts you at a pole position to win the game of life.

Why is life so unfair?

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To keep you on your toes. To keep you informed. To keep you awake. To keep you alert. To win, always.

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Actually, life is unfair in order to thwart the competition. Naturally, people fear competition, but once you’re well trained you’ll love it.

Life breeds many enemies and competitors. And both of them are seeking your downfall. It’s a fight for survival.

In life, believe it or not, someone must lose in order for you to gain. Consider the stock markets. Stocks are always rising and falling. There are losers and winners. When one gains, another one loses.


In life, you play the game of life at different levels. The higher the level, the higher the risk, therefore the higher the return. The lower the level, the lower the risk, therefore, the lower the return.

Life is unfair because it is not designed for losers.

Who is a loser?

A loser is a person who waits for the apple to fall from the sky.

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A winner is a person who goes to get the apple.

Remember, it’s a competitive world, so everybody is fighting for the same apple. Only the winner gets the apple.

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Life is static until you move. Then things begin to happen. They only happen when you move. Because the majority of people are waiting to see where the next movement will take place, when the movie is good and profitable, it will immediately attract competition just to keep you on your toes.

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In the game of life, the leader must always maintain a leadership position and profitability to stay in front. Others will follow, as long as you don’t make a false move or take the wrong turn. Make one false move and you’re overtaken. Then you’ll never rise up again.

In the game of life, fairness is not necessary in order to win. It’s more exciting when life is unfair.

Consider the game of soccer or the NFL. Nothing is fair about it. The referee is always biased against one team. People will always complain about it, but nothing changes. The game plays until the end. One team complains that the game was played unfairly, but in the end, only one team must win while the other one loses.

“The greatest enemy of progress is to keep complaining.”

Nothing in life is perfect, including life itself, therefore everything that happens is imperfect.

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Although I don’t feel like concluding, yet I must conclude by saying this:

“If you want to be happy, you must learn to see an imperfect world perfectly.”

Flavian Mwasi

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