All about the Sudan massacre by Government after peaceful protests.

After 30years of violent oppression, conflict and economic hardship due to under the Bashir Regime has left the country on the ruin. In December 2018, the people of Sudan gathered to put an end to the tyranny. There were peaceful anti government demonstrations across Sudan for Bashir to step down.

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There is currently a media blackout in Sudan due to a government massacre in Sudan. The citizens of Sudan held peaceful protests against the current government to step down after 30 years of ruling.

However, the government responded with a massacre; 500 citizens have been killed, 723 have been severely injured, 650 have been arrested, 60 people have been raped, and over 1000 people are currently missing. Among the victims are women, children and men.

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People on social media are calling on other countries to pray and help the Sudan to stop this human insensitivity. Sensitive media below.

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