Fella ‘Macopy’ finally replies Sister Derby and Wanlov.

fella makafui

Fella Makafui now christened Fella ‘Macopy’ by Wanlov,(brother of Sister Derby), has finally replied to allegations that she copies Sister Derby’s style.

According to reliable sources, Wanlov had made the allegations earlier during his annual wrap-up for 2019 on 3FM, an Accra based radio station.

Watch the video below:

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The actress, Fella bore her fangs out at the model stating that she has had enough from her and she needs to finally reply her because she’s been silent for long.

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Dear sir or Madam, if you don’t want anybody “copying” your style, kindly wear exclusive dresses, shoes, bags, etc. If not, I am sorry I cannot and will never burn my outfits just because you have either worn it before” she wrote.

View Instagram post below:

Fella Makafui replies Sister Derby

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