Ghana Acquires Madagascar’s Covid Organics For COVID19

The Ministry of Information has revealed that the country has in stock COVID-Organics, the herbal medicine prepared by Madagascar for curing COVID-19.

The General Secrectary of Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Justice Yankson said that he will not endorse the use of herbal medicine and concoctions to treat coronavirus. This view was made on April 13 when citizens complained that the country should consider adopting the indigenous or traditional means of treating sickness in Africa, and in Ghana to be precise.


According to him, before a herbal medicine would be accepted, it should go through a thorough process for standardization to ensure it doesn’t pose adverse effects.

Yesterday, Tuesday May 19, the Ministry of Education shared that the country has received the herbal medicine COVID-Organics manufactured by Madagascar’s Malagasy Institute of Applied Research.

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“We have received the Madagascar cure for COVID19 and we are testing it for efficacy.”

“To clarify, this is exact words of Minister; we are considering it. We have reached out to them. We have asked that it be made available to us and like all drugs, it will be tested by FDA and in this case by Center for Plant Medicine and if proven efficacious, we can recommend it use.”

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This came five days after the President Nana Akuffo-Addo revealed he had signed the UNAIDS Public Letter on People’s Vaccine for the virus when it is available.

This means that the country is ready to try both remedies to combat the virus.

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