Ghana our beloved country: How to stay productive at home.

Earlier last week the president instructed schools in the country to be close down until further notice, this brought a halt to our studies and sending most students home. Most universities and some private schools begun their online classes this week,leaving the rest waiting on the program which would be rolled out by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Communication. This has left many students with the routine of eating, sleeping and watching movies. Here are some things to keep you active as you stay at home;

1.Regular exercise: I know this wouldn’t be anyone’s ideal way of being active in these times,but to be honest regular exercise helps reduce stress(especially in these times where tensions are a bit high because of the number of cases being recorded) and also helps keep your body active, which keeps your immune system active to help fight any disease.

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2.Learn a new skill: With more time on our hands learning a new skill or two wouldn’t be a bad idea since it could really come in handy after this is all over. So learn how to cook a dish or two if you don’t know how to cook, learn how to use the computer effectively or learn how to use a new app.

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3. Add a new hobby: Adding a new hobby can also help you use your time more judiciously, so add reading a new book or designing to your lost of hobbies.

4.Start a new skincare routine:With enough time on our hands, we can actually take time out to care for our skin, because a healthy body goes with a healthy, glowing skin. You can try some homemade scrubs and skin treatments or you can get some at any beauty shop before a possible lock down.

5.Keep learning: I know some people have already broken up with their books but I am here to bring you back to reality, we aren’t on a vacation, and so would still be tested when school resumes to officially end the school year. Let’s keep studying so we won’t be caught unawares.

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Following these steps would help keep you active, occupied and healthy even as you stay home. Do not forget to still practice good personal hygiene, remember to wash your hands with soap and running and sanitize as often as possible, especially before touching your face and eating.

By: Dora Naa Ayorkor Annan.

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