Government shouldn’t bother investing in the movie industry – Ivan Quashiga advises.

Mr. Ivan Quashiga,a Ghanaian movie and TV series producer has advised the government of Ghana not to invest any money in the movie industry with the intention of helping to rekindle it in anyway.

Answering a question on what his advice will be to the government on how to save the film industry,Ivan Quashiga said,”I would tell them that they shouldn’t even think about putting money in the film industry or movie industry. They shouldn’t worry about investing money into the industry.”

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He further explained that the movie industry is one of that can grow and stand out on it own such that it can also generate it’s own revenue only if certain measures are taken into consideration instead of trying to resolve the struggle of the industry with money.

“This is one of the industries that can still do well on its own without the influence of money” he added.

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Ivan Quashiga stated very important points as ways to revive the film industry.”All you have to do is to place a ban on foreign contents, from morning to let’s say 10pm,that it should be local.when that happens, no TV or radio station can produce the content that they need to feed the period.

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“The hundreds of students that are out there looking for jobs,suddenly you have created jobs for them because we have to produce the contents to feel in,” He stated

Mr. Ivan Quashiga the producer for popular Ghanaian TV series such as:’The things we do for love’ and ‘YOLO’

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