How WUTAH split, Guru opened it up


Thrilling Ghanaian music group, WUTAH got separated for the subsequent time and this time it appears it would be for good considering the conditions concerning their subsequent split.

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The group after their first separation got joined gratitude to popular Ghanaian artiste, Guru who figured it shrewd to unite them and manage them.

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In any case, things never went as arranged and Guru in a recent interview has opened up about what prompted their split.

He said;

“Wutah has been splitting whiles they were under contract. They have been splitting so many times. Even when they were recording “Bronya”, there was a fight. And the same person was created it.
Even when they were signing the contract, the same person brought up a fight. The person feels he is the talented one, and the other one is not.
Why would you always feel untouchable among your group members? The person who keeps bringing up the fight initially brought up the idea to patch up Wutah. He even confronted the other member.”

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