Juliet Ibrahim – I Will Only Go Semi-Nude In Hollywood Movies

Juliet Ibrahim has disclosed that she has refused to play nude roles in many of African movies. Juliet Ibrahim in an interview said;

“If I’m called up for a movie in Hollywood and I’m supposed to expose parts of my body and it is going to be done tastefully or even with body doubles because we always have stunt models and body doubles in Hollywood, I would.”

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She further disclosed that Ghana’s movie industry is not sophisticated compared to that of Hollywood hence, she will turn down such role.

“I had probably had to reveal some parts of my boobs but it was sides and stuff but it was done tastefully, I was wearing a bra but you will not know,” she revealed when asked if she has ever played nude scene in any Ghanaian movie.

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Juillet Ibrahim disclosed that will be happy to work with award-winning American filmmaker Tyler Perry.

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