Lord Kenya says Reggie Rockstone feared him music-wise.

lord kenya
Evangelist Lord Kenya says he will do God's work no matter what

legendary Ghanaian musician now turn pastor, Lord Kenya has made some shocking revelations saying that he was a threat to Reggie Rockstone’s music career during his time.

According to him, before dropping his debut album, Reggie had heard of him and saw him as a threat.

“Even before bringing out my album,” he said on Hammer Time show, “Reginald [Reggie Rockstone] used to fear me. Even though he was in the mainstream business and I was underground, he saw me as a threat.”

“He feared at the time that I would dominate with Twi rap because he was doing English at the time. I rapped in English, Twi and even Patois so he was afraid.”

Watch the video below:

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