Meet Jennifer Korlekie Akpatsu, the KNUST girl spreading laughter on youtube.

Have you met Jennifer Korlekie Akpatsu yet?? This multitalented KNUST student has stormed the world of youtube vlogging in Ghana with her incredibly funny videos.

With an incredible charisma and spirited attitude, Jennifer AKA AJ Korlekie is a likeable person who spreads mischief and joy wherever she goes.

Jennifer is an ambitious highly motivated young lady who has an immense love for the creative arts and pictures in general. She started her own dramatic illustrations to inspire her viewers in August 2019. She is currently a student of KNUST. Her dream is to spread laughter to her viewers through her remarkable videos.

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Follow her on the various social media platforms:

AJ Korlekie on facebook, itsKorlekie on Instagram, and AJ Korlekie on Twitter.

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