dj bridash

Celebrated radio Dj, Dj Bridash is currently embarking on a sanity of music on radio. He has therefore encouraged some musicians to do a “cleaner” version of their songs or the Djs will refuse to play. He said this during an interview on Accra based Hitz Fm.

One of the finest Dj’s in the country in an interview has entreated musicians in Ghana to also produce “clean” versions of their songs or risk not being played on radio or air. He explained that he has had several issues with some musicians in the country, who record songs and use swear words in it. He describes these songs as radio unfriendly, hence he is encouraging that if musicians could also do versions do not contain these swear words they would also be happy to play them on air.

“He used some swear words in his songs, and I tried to reach him via social media to ask if he could give me clean versions of his songs. I called this guy on so many occasions and he was not replying my messages, he was not replying my calls either. I realized that now that the thing is going on, why don’t I put my situation across?”.

He however lamented that sometimes when he doesn’t play such songs of such artistes, their own fans will bash you on social media, destroying your image. Interestingly, he found it puzzling why artistes  can’t release a version that is clean, without swear words so that it could be played on air.

“Now that this thing has been going on, why don’t I put my issue on social media. You know, some of them, when you don’t play their songs, some of their own fans, would send you a “dm”, and be bashing you. So now, I’m saying that when you’ve released a song, why don’t you release a clean version for us the radio DJ’s to pick it and promote it”.

Dj Bridash is not only a celebrated DJ, but a musician as well. He currently has a song with e – Shun, former signee of Quophimens music, who is based in Elmina in the Central region.


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