Not in my life have I taken BRIBE before – Kennedy Agyapong

kennedy agypong

Controversial legislator for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has expressed completely that he has never accepted a bribe and will never accept hush money from anybody either inside the overseeing New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

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“I am not holy but I can tell you on authority that no NDC member can claim he has given me bribe before. No Ghanaian can also tell me he or she has given me a bribe”, 

As indicated by him, he can stand the hazard and censure components inside both the NDC and the NPP in light of the fact that he has not taken cash from any of them dissimilar to certain members inside his own party who have profited by them.

“A lot of our people cannot criticize because I can show you pictures of some of them who go to Seidu Agongo and Ali Seidu to take money. I am not saying these monies given to them are bribes but it could be the case they are faced with hardship and have decided to go for some relief. If today you are in power and they have problems, these people cannot criticize them”,


The NPP torch uncovered how he condemned Ali Seidu within the sight of his mom repeating that he is set up to kick the bucket for reality regardless of will’s identity influenced by what he says in regard to reality.

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