#PINKOCTOBER: Why most girls shy away from breast examinations.

Breasts or boobs are the physical features that distinguish women from men(although some guys do have boobs, we aren’t judging)and is one of the attractive features on a woman’s body.

Every year in the month of October women are educated on the benefits of checking their breasts and how to detect breast cancer early to help prevent serious complications later, but here is the big question, why do most women shy away from the breast examination even when it’s free? Speaking to some ladies these are the answers I got;

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1. Fear of the results: Some ladies said they were scared of the results that might turn up after they are screened and that keeps them from going for their breasts to be screened.

2. Fear of being touched by a Male doctor: So some ladies also fear their breasts might be examined by a male doctor or nurse who they do not know and so wouldn’t feel comfortable about the whole process.


3. Fear of losing their breasts: So for the final reason, women are scared of losing their breasts if they find any lump in their breast when screened. Some ladies say their breasts are their most attractive asset and they would hate to lose them.

Although we might have some fears concerning the whole breast screening process, ladies are encouraged to take the opportunity during this month of breast cancer awareness to get their breasts checked out to help save every boob whether big or small.

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By Dora N.A.Annan.

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