Popular TV 3 News Anchor, Natalie Fort, Allegedly pregnant.


According to reliable sources, the News Anchor of the popular TV station in Ghana, Natalie Fort, is said to be pregnant and staff members of the TV station have been warned to keep their mouths shut.

Sources allege that the circumstance surrounding the pregnancy—the alleged rampant rabbit-like chop-down by several men, many of who are politicians including one who holds a high ranking office in the incumbent government, is the news.

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Apparently, the pregnancy is being forced down the throat of the high ranking politician—who is already married. He is however reluctant to accept responsibility as he’s aware he was not the only one chopping from that pot.

Sources say the family of the pregnant News Anchor, led by her mother, has put forward their demands for the unborn child. They have requested for a two-bedroom house, that the child should also be born outside Ghana, and weirdly a clothing line should be set up for the mother.

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It’s also being said that a co-anchor of this pregnant News Anchor also participated in the chopping.

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