Progress of important health operations to be hampered in Africa due to covid19: WHO warns.

covid19 pandemic

WHO director-general, Adhanom Ghebreyesus, during a virtual conference organized by the AU center for disease control and prevention, warns that the covid19 pandemic could hamper the progress of health operations in Africa.

He included that the disruption of operations such as; HIV and malaria treatment programmes and vaccination campaigns is a liable to the wiping out of the long period of progress.

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Adding on, He revealed that even though Africa has experienced less impacts of the covid19 pandemic compared to other parts of the wold, it can be seen that the rate at which the virus is spreading is very high on the African continent.

Trados concluded that although there remains insufficiency in testings in lots of countries, they have had since Tuesday the capacity to do their own tests.

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source: The Brussels Times

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