Relationship 101: Is there really a “one” for everyone?

This is the question on the minds of most people, especially those in relationships. It is very easy to believe you are in a wrong relationship,especially when you are on different pages with your partner and this is actually not a bad thing(but if it’s too frequent you have to check it out cause you might be in a relationship with someone with views different from yours who might not be willing to meet on middle ground and that could cause some problems later), it’s just your mind doing what it knows how to do best and that is to protect you.

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I am here to let you know that there is no “one” for everyone especially a “perfect one”. The “perfect one” for anyone would be someone who fits into the plans,goals and purpose set out by the person,this is because it helps the person reach his or her goals faster. A person can reach their goals and purpose faster because they have someone who would think like them and also move in line with the plans they have set out for their future, this then reduces any complications or arguments along the way.

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In finding or being with the “one” remember that in a relationship you should complement each other, that is to make each other better.

By:Dora Naa Ayorkor Annan.

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