Relationship 101:The list.

We all love seeing beautiful relationships and also being in them, but this doesn’t come so easily like in the movies, it basically comes down to what one may be looking for in their significant other, and this is where the list comes in.

The list is a write up of attributes, characters and other factors one would like to see in their significant other, the list serves as a guide to help one pick out their significant other or partner from the lot.

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The list usually includes things or attributes that one might not want to compromise on like their faith,beliefs and values. This point is very important because they form the very foundation of a person, so if you have different beliefs, values and faith from your significant other there is a high possibility of clashes later in the relationship which could lead to a split and heartbreak.

Another thing that can be on the list are some behavioral traits like honesty, humility, kindness, hardwork,understanding and a giving heart, these traits are important because they actually make up the person you might be with so should not be taken lightly.

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Finally, the list includes other factors you can do away with especially if the person fits the other parts of your list, these usually include the height of the person, complexion and possibly body type or structure, for some people these factors cannot be ignored.

As we established in the beginning, the list serves as a guide to picking your significant partner and it also helps you know what works for you and what doesn’t, so start working on yours and keep reviewing and adjusting it because we change every passing day.

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Remember that whatever you put on the list should be something that you also possess and that no one can possess everything on your, after all no one is perfect.

By: Dora Naa Ayorkor Annan.

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