Relationship 101:What to ask your partner when dating.

Dating is basically one of the ways people of the opposite sex get to know each other better. Normally this process actually gives one the opportunity to know more to actually decide on whether they still want to be in the relationship or opt out. Dating can be fun and exciting, but one must not forget their reason for actually dating.

One may ask what is the reason? I will say the reason for dating someone is for you to find the right companion. The right companion is basically someone you can live the rest of your life with.

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How then can one know if they should stay in the relationship? One can know if they should stay in the relationship or not by asking yourself and your partner some questions concerning their lives and how they think. One might say that dating is the only place where you ask all the necessary questions. Some questions you may ask your partner are;

-Religion: Is your partner religious? Is he or she of the same faith as you? If not will he or she be willing to understand your faith and not ridicule it? This question is important because Religion tends to make up the foundation of every human beings life and how they look at things around them.

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-Reason: Where is the relationship heading? This question helps one to know if to invest or put in their all in the relationship or not,because people have various reasons for being in a relationship and knowing the reason helps one to know their stand.

-Sexual orientation: Heterosexual or Homosexual? Kinky or not? Premarital sex or not? This helps you to know who you are dealing with and if you can go through with any of these parts of the person. It also helps to know what you would allow in the relationship and what you wouldn’t

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-Values: People are brought up in different environments so they have different values and for a relationship to work effectively the values of both partners should align.

There are various questions to ask during the dating phase so don’t be shy and go all out,ask even the silliest questions because you never know and besides how many plates of rice do you want to eat before you ask these questions??

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