SAME MIRROR, DIFFERENT SIDES-Liberating the Boy-Child…

Seeing how disheartening some of our cultures are to humanity and how girls have been subjected to lots of barbaric and inhuman activities, there’s been the need for empowerment sessions and programs to liberate the girls from the torturing hands of traditions that have segregated them, and placed them in bondage.

These empowering sessions seek to help the girl-child build positive self-esteem and identity.

However, in the process of raising the girl-child, the boy-child has been left behind to discover his own identity so as to create his personal development. The damages of neglecting the boy-child are not being recognized.

Look, after equipping the girl-child, she will grow and become a strong woman in a world filled with broken, bittered and insecure chauvinists.

After the girl-child has been empowered and she is now driven by purpose and intentionality, what do we make of the boy-child?

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Remember that the boy-child grew in a society filled with distorted and insecure chauvinists who don’t even know what to do with their lives. They’re usually seen as the crème de la crème of the society. So the boy-child begins to follow their ways.

They begin to see themselves as breadwinners. They disrespect women and underestimate the purpose of the girl-child.

My point is that after the girl-child has been empowered, the boy-child should be liberated from that chauvinist mindset he learned from society.

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And that liberation can take the form of organizing seminars to educate the boy-child not to rape, teach the boy-child that intelligence and competence are not gender-based and that they’re not winning any bread but they should understand responsibilities. They should also be taught to respect and protect girls. They should know that they’re not the head of every woman but their wives.

Statistics show that, out of every ten boys, at least five boys learned the art of irresponsibilities and underestimating girls from society.

So just imagine that we liberate this sort of boy from the claws of our archaic society. Wouldn’t the world be a better place to be?

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I know it’s not their fault that they’re thinking this way but it will be their fault if they fail to renew their mind after the liberation exercise.

I know and believe that when these and more are done, we would have a balanced world.

A transformed nation can only be possible when there’s a transformed family and we can have a transformed family when the individuals in it are transformed.

It is only then can all the wars centered on tribalism, politics, gender, religion and many others can also end.

®I am Esther Aku-Sika, your everyday writer, non-conformist and informed optimist.

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