Santegenius Antwiwaa daughter of rapper Okyeame Kwame launches hairline for children


Sante is the second child of the OK family after her brother, Sir Kwame Bota.

The products are super soft, and in the package, she gives tips on how to take care of

a child’s hair.

There are four variant packages so far which are: Naa Deila Jumbo, Antwiwaa Kinky,

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Nuna Wavy and Samira Curls.

This hairline is part of a mother company by name ‘Santes Hair’ which caters

to adult hair needs.

The mother company is however owned by Sante’s auntie, Xonia Antwiwaa Sonoh-Adjei,

with whom they share the same middle name (Antwiwaa).

Also, the Santes Hair for Kids is one of series of products that are being launched by

UNICEF Ambassador Okyeame Kwame and his family.

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The young entrepreneur took to Instagram to make this announcement.

Meanwhile, the OK family recently l made of African fabric.

These are however part of initiatives by the OK Family to project arts and tourism from all angles.

In the fashion world, Okyeame Kwame and his family have earned a high place as people

adore their sense of fashion.

Sante, just like her brother Sir Bota, has a great interest in music and arts.

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After releasing ‘Saucing’ last year, they have released ‘Read,’ a music project to

encourage people to cultivate the habit of reading.

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