Sister Derby advocates to ban single-use plastics in Ghana.


Ghanaian singer, entrepreneur and environmental activist popularly known as Sister Derby or the African Mermaid has once again asked the government of Ghana to ban single use plastics such as plastic bottles, plastic straws and plastic bags. Ghana is a developing country which suffers from lack of recycling and environmental pollution.

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The rate at which Ghanaians use rubber and plastics without recycling is actually appalling. It is therefore important for the government to take a bold step and ban single use plastics as other efforts to recycle them has proved futile. Even with the presence of Zoomlion and other environmental protection agencies there’s still massive plastic waste piling up and causing harm to the environment.

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It will therefore be a good initiative if other celebrities use their voice to advocate for the ban of single use plastics. Hopefully, the government will take steps to curb the use of plastics. Sister Derby hopes the ban is implemented sooner than later. See Deborah Vanessa’s post below.

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