Tanzania to protect single women from heartbreaks in new legislation.

The Tanzanian Government is reportedly working on a new legislation that will protect single women from potential heartbreaks.

According to reliable sources, the names of married men in the country will be published for the general public to limit cheating and protect young women from “unnecessary heartbreaks.”

However, the regional commissioner, Paul Makonda said the proposal was considered after he received complaints from several young women in the country who claimed they were being preyed on by married men.


“We want to reduce the cases of men conning women in the name of love and marriages. We are planning to meet the State agency in charge of the citizens’ database. Once that meeting is done, you, who lied to a woman that you will marry her, but ended up using and dumping her, be prepared, we are coming for you” he said.

The proposal if adopted, will require all married people to register their marital statuses with the region’s database agency. The information will reportedly be accessed by citizens of the country.

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