The President Of Ghana Signs UNAIDS Public Letter On People’e Vaccine For COVID19

The president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo has signed the letter for approval of UNAIDS vaccine for Coronavirus. An action he revealed he had undertaken together with other global leaders.

The introduction of COVID19 vaccine has met rejection in Africa as many doubt it would serve a genuine purpose. To most Africans, the vaccine is a scheme chaired by the world’s billionaire Bill Gates to depopulate Africa.

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Iconic figures such as Etoo and Drogba were seen championing the campaign “Africans are not Pigs” to tell the rest of the world that they should not use Africans to test the efficacy of the vaccine as done in recent times.

Since then, a challenge has been thrown to African leaders concerning acceptance of the vaccine into their countries. However, the virus keep spreading and taking lives. In Africa, the virus has infected 84,521 people, 32,322 recoveries and 2,759 deaths.

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And in Ghana, there are 5,735 cases, 1,754 recoveries with 29 fatalities. With the surging rate of infection, the government of Ghana has resort to signing the letter for Ghana to have in stock COVID19 vaccine when one is ready.

“Together with other global leaders, I signed the UNAIDS Public Letter on a People’s Vaccine for COVID19. It is important that all people everywhere must have access to the vaccine when one becomes available. It must be the #PeoplesVaccine .” – the president of Ghana on his Twitter handle.

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The revelation received a lot of views from the public. Some commended him for giving his consent but most people disapproved.
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