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Volunteer Recruitment 2020

TheBIGTRENDIN.com is a news portal of T.B.T Multimedia House. Duly registered under the laws of Ghana. Our team is made up of professionals who are dedicated to inform, educate and entertain our audience. We bring you daily local and international news covering showbiz, music, movies, sports, relationship tips, fashion, events, campus news, politics, health and opinions from our audience.  TheBIGTRENDIN!!! ‘We are what’s Trendin‘


Become a volunteer with TheBIGTRENDIN to foster the advancement of young people in multimedia.

Take note that our team of volunteers are youths with high moral standards and impeccable work ethics.

We are looking for volunteers to serve in the following capacities:
1. Writers and Bloggers.
2. Project Planning and General Logistics
3. Social Media Management and Content Creation
4. Graphic Design
5. Photography and Video Editing


Since these positions are unpaid; volunteering with us comes with divers’ benefits like:
1. Opportunity to boost and improve your leadership skills as you take on responsibilities.
2. You get to expand your professional experience and network with other amazing young change-makers.
3. Get a branded letter of recommendation on request from The TheBIGTRENDIN Team.
4. Have access to support from the team as per career guidance.

1. Must be between the ages of 18-35.
2. Must have great interpersonal and organizational skills.
3. Must be willing to learn and take on leadership opportunities.

For inquiries, send a message to any of our social media handles @TheBIGTRENDIN (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

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