Why do men cheat?


Every relationship has it’s good side and bad side. One of the main reasons a relationship comes to an end is because of cheating. Research has shown that men are most likely to cheat in a relationship but the question is why they do it. Just one excuse is not enough to justify their actions as there are many reasons a man will decide to cheat. Yes, it’s a decision because cheating is not imposed on the perpetrator(men). They always deny when caught with flimsy excuses and try to blame their actions on someone or something else. Most common ones are, It happened so fast, it’s in every man’s DNA, distance between partners at a point in time, Peer pressure, seduced into cheating, Stress, it is a family trait, and so on. Below are actual reasons most men cheat;

In as much as men try to act like they got all under control they mostly lack understanding of being in a committed relationship. He doesn’t value and respect the commitment in a relationship hence cheat. They don’t think of the consequences of their actions because they don’t feel the need to take responsibility for it. Just like children, they act because they believe they would easily get away with it. They have the notion that their actions should be blamed on someone else.
Bad Habits;
A man cheats due to a series of events which eventually leads to that. A bad habit like excessive alcohol intake or drug abuse can affect his decisions in staying faithful to their partners. Thus, in order to block out life problems they drift to depend on alcohol or drugs which in the long run leads to cheating as they lose their self control. So then most people will argue it’s the influence of the alcohol but as a matter of fact why put yourself in a situation you won’t be able to control in the first place by taking them.
A man might feel the need to cheat when he believes he’s not good enough, not handsome enough, not rich enough, not smart enough and the list goes on to be worthy of his partner. He then tries to seeks validation from another person to feel better about themselves and to clear their conscience of such thoughts. They believe cheating means their wanted by not just one person hence it boosts their pride and ego.

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Childhood Abuse:
Most men respond to childhood trauma, neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, bullying and so on by seeking intimate attention and affection from more than one person. Due to their past experiences they find difficulty in trusting their partners, hence they try to seek other forms of emotional support and back up with the notion that their current partners might put them through the same experience hence they end up cheating.
He wants it all to himself, the thought of being able to enjoy more at the expense of his partner. He is self centered and thinks of only himself hence he doesn’t mind cheating so far as he can easily lie to get away with it because the main goal is that he gets whatever he wants. Rather than sacrificing certain desires to remain faithful he feels he deserves more than his partner and hence the need to cheat in order to have more affection to only himself. He hardly takes into consideration the feelings of his partner because he sees his as a priority above others which shouldn’t be the case.
Unrealistic Expectations;
A man may expect the most from his partner due to what he may have seen from others or even in a movie. Especially, men that watch pornography, they believe their partner should behave exactly like what they saw and when these expectations are not met they try to seek it from elsewhere forgetting that what he saw was just an act and a way people just want to earn money.

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He fails to understand his partner is different and has personal traits distinct from what he saw. Also the fact that his partner has the right to be given the freedom to choose what they want to do and what they can’t do. Everyone is born differently with different abilities hence if he doesn’t consider this he ends up expecting the exact same unrealistic treatment, he demands more than normal from his partner forgetting that everything should not revolve around him as his partner may also have a different choice and life plans. If a man sees something in someone why not go to that particular person for a relationship rather than committing a different person to a relationship and expecting the same treatment? Everyone is different and one must learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each person.
Break up; Some men are cowards and therefore instead of voicing out their thought and feelings that they want to end a relationship they would rather cheat openly so their partners will see and walk away from their lives. This is a bad approach of dealing with the feelings of their partner.

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These are few of the many reasons a man will cheat.

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