The year of return is here… TIP is already in Ghana. Cardi B left on Monday and many more arriving soon. Hope T.I is having fun during the day because I do not see the essence of a night life if the streets are dark.

Lots of visitors already arriving and many more expected to arrive. It is not yet really time for the fire crackers to light up the sky but I do not think we need fire crackers to light up the road on which we travel on day in and day out.

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Our beautiful city stands out yet darkness looms in. The street lights aren’t working and we are in danger of accidents. Not to wish bad but to be realistic we are in trouble if street lights continue to malfunction. People drive recklessly all the time. People have “mad” fun and lose their way. Drunk driving etc happens during festive seasons all over the world but with many coming to Ghana we must be ready to light up the street for a colorful celebration.

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I urge the government and all those responsible to ASAP get these street lights working. The fire crackers won’t be enough to light up our roads and our many activities will take place at night. Please let us consider all options and get our street lights working. God bless Ghana!

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